Finish Area

The finish line is on Howitt Street.  The finish area will offer the full post-race experience; where you can relax, immerse yourself in the atmosphere, appreciate a well-earned massage, refuel, and enjoy celebrating your achievement.

As you cross the finish line you will be directed to the recovery area where Volunteers will be on hand to take off your timing chip.

There will be medical personnel available if you require treatment, otherwise you will be able to proceed to the recovery area where there will be water, electrolyte and fruit available.

This is an athlete only area and family members and support crew will need to wait outside of the recovery area.

Medal Ceremonies


Medal Ceremonies for the Elite, U23 and Junior races will be held on the Finish line immediately post the races.  Competitors finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions will need to stay in the immediate finish line presentation area post event to be available for interviews and Elite medal ceremonies.



Medal Ceremonies for the Para Triathlete and Age group competitors will be held in the afternoon / evening of each race day at the Main Stage in Strand Park.

Multisport Legend

Multisport Legend is the proud title earned by any athlete that races and completes five or more World Championships races at the Multisport World Championships (among Duathlon Sprint, Duathlon Standard, Cross Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquathlon, LD Triathlon or Aquabike). This title was awarded before to any athlete completing four events, but as of 2023, it is awarded  only to athletes completing five or more races.

Multisport Legends will receive a special recognition at the closing ceremony at the end of the Multisport World Championships.

Additional info:

Prize Money Breakdown – 2024 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Townsville

Total Prize Money (USD 290,000)

Position Long Distance Triathlon World Champs* Duathlon World Champs Individual* Duathlon World Champs Relay (per team) Cross Triathlon World Champs* Cross Duathlon World Champs* Aquathlon World Champs*
1 USD 15,000 USD 10,000 USD 3,750 USD 6,875 USD 1,565 USD 1,500
2 USD 12,000 USD 8,000 USD 3,125 USD 5,500 USD 1,250 USD 1,250
3 USD 9,000 USD 6,000 USD 2,500 USD 4,125 USD 940 USD 1,000
4 USD 6,000 USD 4,000 USD 1,875 USD 2,750 USD 625 USD 750
5 USD 4,200 USD 2,800 USD 1,250 USD 1,925 USD 500 USD 500
6 USD 3,600 USD 2,400 USD 1,650 USD 435
7 USD 3,000 USD 2,000 USD 1,375 USD 375
8 USD 1,800 USD 1,200 USD 825 USD 250
9 USD 1,350 USD 900 USD 619 USD 185
10 USD 1,050 USD 700 USD 481 USD 125
11 USD 900 USD 600 USD 413
12 USD 750 USD 500 USD 344
13 USD 600 USD 400 USD 275
14 USD 450 USD 300 USD 206
15 USD 300 USD 200 USD 137
Total USD 60,000 USD 40,000 USD 12,500 USD 27,500 USD 6,250 USD 5,000

* It represents the prize money breakdown per gender

Lost & Found

Lost or Found Any lost or found property will be taken to Information in Strand Park.  You can log items lost or found on this list.  Please note no responsibility or liability is taken by the Race Organiser for Lost Property.